Sunday, May 04, 2008


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Sweet Mac Lovin'

For my birthday, I received many fantastic presents.  Moby and NIN CDs, nice shirts, a very cool BBC documentary and some great cake and family time!

Because I'm spoiled, I also received a new iMac.
.. it's now kitted out with 4gigs of RAM.  I've never had a computer this powerful nor
 with a screen so large (24").  It's fantastic and even Britgal has started learning the ways of the Mac.

I can live in my Mac world, or if I need access for development reasons to Linux/Windows or QNX I have VMware running.  With 4gigs of RAM this computer never touches the hard disk even with VMware :)  The most impressive part (at least wow factor) is the 24" display.  It's massive and I'm having trouble using all the screen real-estate.

Hopefully with a more reliable computer (our old 900mhz pc was slowly going) I'll have some time to enjoy the computer rather than work on it.

The bonus with this computer is the webcam built in and the photo editing software as we can share more stuff with the grand parents and other family abroad.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Operation München Day 4

Status: calm and collected

No pictures today as it was a pretty busy and hectic day (and it's late) and I'm tired and I have used too many ands.

Some of my co-workers are looking to either go out for dinner tomorrow night or perhaps on Sunday to a Biergarten. It'll be nice to get outside of the hotel and work for a change and perhaps get to know our co-workers here in Germany.

BTW, the guesses about the last picture in my previous post have been good, but I'll wait to see what else people come up with. So far no one has guessed.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Operation München Day 3

Status: Fumbling towards organization

Some more shots of all things German. Here they don't just have Ethernet; Internet access can also come from a hockey puck. It's high speed, plug and play and quite decorative too! You can see my hotel is the Four Points. It's located in the Olympic park, which was where the 1972 Olympic games where held in Munich. Yes, the same games with the terrorists, yes the same place as depicted in the movie 'Munich'.

Next is a man's ketchup packet! Not those wussy Canadian ones - this one is as long as a pen and filled with ketchupy goodness. You get two of these for your fries; Wimps need not apply as this is more ketchup than should be legally allowed.

You'll never guess what the last picture is :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Operation München Day 2

Status: First day confused

As usual, the first day when visiting customers, or sister companies for particular projects things are confused and ill prepared. Most of the day was spent figuring out what to do with the time we have together (which you'd expect would be half done at least prior to leaving) and what we all wanted to get out of the deal.

I'm still tired, but had a decent dinner of beef medallions and beer. Sorry no pictures of that, but I do have photos of my hotel room.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Operation München Day 1

Status: shattered

Just landed back in my native country of Germany (laugh) and as I step off and feel the German air conditioning hit me thoughts of all previous trips wash back into my skull. While I was out trying to find an open restaurant (things are closed on Sundays - even the hotel restaurant) I took a quick photo off a traffic bridge as well as my dinner. Nothing to really say except I'm really tired.. g'Nacht.